Will we ever see a truly “objective” media again or we mired down to decades of opinion masquerading as independent journalism.  It is hard to see a path out of the partisan hackery that dominates the media today.  The obnoxious elites coming out of the Columbia School of Journalism and other high-falutin indoctrination camps we call colleges and universities would indicate that the answer is not anytime soon. 

Having talked to a number of recent college graduates in the last decade, it is apparent that there is a belief within the elites that influencing and manipulating the reader/viewer is much more important than reporting the truth/news.  Confirmation bias rules the day as the 24/7 media consumes any story that validates pre-conceived belief structures.  The media does not believe it needs to independently confirm stories through unbiased third-parties, since the truth is self-evident.  Even if the facts don’t support the supposition in the article being written or telecast being broadcast it is acceptable as manipulation is the primary end goal.  Machiavellian journalism rules the day!


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