Who is going to be held accountable in Italy for the “Hug a Chinese Person” WOKE campaign?  In a media silence, Italy toils in coronavirus hell as the Italian officials not only don’t ban flights from China  and other hot-spots early on, they actually inflame the Covid19 Issue by encouraging Italians to embrace (literally) Chinese visitors.  This idiocy launches one of the world’s most elderly populations into catastrophic levels of infection very quickly.  This causes untold numbers of Italians to go back to their homes (Italy has a high percentage of multi-generational domicile living arrangements) to infect the reItaly_Woke_Campaignst of the family.  This in turn overwhelms the healthcare system as the sudden explosion of the elderly infected needs critical help immediately.

As you can tell by watching, the videos were supposed to dissipate the fear Italians may have felt toward Chinese people during the Wuhan outbreak and subtly chastise(Can you say WOKENESS) those prejudiced against Chinese individuals. Viewed in hindsight, it doesn’t look so hot — and not just because you shouldn’t hug anyone random when there’s a life-threatening virus going around.

Several things to note, however. Eagle-eyed and informed readers may have noticed the videos were distributed by CGTN and New China TV, both of which are arms of official state broadcaster Xinhua the biggest and most pervasive of China’s newspeak media outlets.
Sadly, most woke proponents will never admit to this lunacy and will probably justify their actions saying that racism is the biggest threat to our world and the resulting collateral deaths from Woke Political Correctness is just the price to be paid!

See the video here:

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