Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Update 9-16-2020: Unlike the mainstream media, we update on issues reported in our posts.  Here is the latest which validates what we said on 9-9-2020 below.  As reported on

“After a group of economists published a study claiming the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota last month may have triggered a “superspreading event” that led to over 250,000 new cases of Covid-19,skeptical experts broke down the numbers, and found them lacking.”

The widely dispersed and touted IZA study was based on anonymized CELLULAR PHONE data.  This would be considered a joke if it was not for the “confirmation bias” press just looking to scare the public and create unrest and panic.  Another point make in the article:

“The IZA study, which wasn’t confirmed by epidemiologists, “doesn’t provide a model of infectious disease transmission—a pretty major oversight,” Dowd writes, adding “the authors don’t outline what transmission on this scale would have to look like to reach 266,796 infections. Dowd argues it’s unlikely rally attendees had time to get infected, ride home, infect others, and have those new infections show up in county statistics by September 2, just two weeks after the end of the rally.”

More fake news abound in the media….

Original Post Starts Here:

HEADLINES abound around the media in an effort to scare the public and promote Joe Biden’s lock-down hysteria.  Here are some of the “facts” as claimed in the aftermath of the Sturgis Motorcycle annual event:

An August motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, helped spread COVID-19 to more than a quarter-million Americans, making it the root of about 20 percent of all new coronavirus cases in the U.S. last month. So said a new white paper from the IZA Institute of Labor Economics, at least. And national news outlets ran with it.

Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

“Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was ‘superspreading event’ that cost public health $12.2 billion,” tweeted The Hill.

“The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally held in South Dakota last month may have caused 250,000 new coronavirus cases,” said NBC News.

“The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally represents a situation where many of the ‘worst-case scenarios’ for superspreading occurred simultaneously,” the researchers write in the new paper, titled “The Contagion Externality of a Superspreading Event: The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and COVID-19.”

Now let’s take a look at truth vs speculation.

Here are the reported facts of the Sturgis aftermath by the “left-wing” media (no friend to the truth if it does not hurt Trump):

According to South Dakota health officials, 124 new cases in the state—including one fatal case—were directly linked to the rally. Overall, COVID-19 cases linked to the Sturgis rally were reported in 11 states as of September 2, to a tune of at least 260 new cases, according to The Washington Post.

There very well may be more cases that have been linked to the early August event, but so far, that’s only 260 confirmed cases—about 0.1 percent of the number the IZA paper offers.  THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A MINUTE – IZA Institute of Labor reports 250,000 new cases of COVID19 attributed to Sturgis but only 260 Confirmed Cases!  In a normal world this group would be discredited immediately for news fraud but this story is dissemenated all across the media as their Confirmation Bias kicks into high gear in an effort to smear Sturgis (Trump Supporters – at least that is what the media assumes)

Why has the media lied about this event? Trump and his supporters!  If this were a group of Democratic Voters like the ones we see looting and rioting in our democratically run cities, there would be no mention of any corona-virus spread.  The proof of course is the complete media blackout and silence on the spread of the virus post protests and riots around the country that has gone on for weeks.  The left-wing hates the Sturgis Event because it represents America, both in terms of the melting pot of attendees and the focus on individual freedom.

The event itself is described by Wikipedia as:

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Attendees

“The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is an American motorccle rally held annually in Sturgis, South Dakota, for ten days usually starting the first Friday in August. In 2015 the city of Sturgis officially expanded the dates to have the rally start on the Friday before the first full week of August and end on the second Sunday. In 2016, Sturgis City Council passed a resolution to begin the Rally on the first Friday in August every year. It was begun in 1938 by a group of Indian Motorcycle riders and was originally held for stunts and races. Attendance has historically been around 500,000 people, reaching a high of over 700,000 in 2015.”

As Tucker Carlson said on his show, “The people on motorcycles are too masculine, too patriotic — therefore too unlikely to vote for Joe Biden — to go uncriticized. So the media spent a lot of the weekend trying to shame the bikers into disappearing…”

I think the Guardian makes and even better point, “At its core, American biker subculture is rooted in the idea of rebellion – against society’s norms and against authority. It is about brash individualism, of saying and doing what you want, despite what others may think. In Trump, many bikers have found an unlikely idol: a non-biker real estate billionaire who nonetheless paints himself as a rebel, outsider and disruptor.”

Whatever the reason for the left-wing media partisan hackery, it is dangerous to our health to exagerate and lie about the coronavirus.  We should be focused on protecting the “at-risk” population and finding treatments that combat and minimized the damage the virus inflicts.  Instead the media spends every moment turning every “news” story into an anti-Trump rampage and rant.



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